Saint Luis Talks Tees & Weed

Patrick Matamoros A.K.A. Saint Luis sources vintage tees for some of the biggest names in Los Angeles. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Mark Ronson all

Zipps x One Tree Planted

One really important issue to Zipps, our staff and their families is the environment. We recently decided to team up with One Tree Planted as

Brand Spotlight: Dosist

Dosist is a globally recognized, modern wellness company. We really like them for a variety of reasons, but product design is at the very top

Why shop Zipps?

Let us run a scenario by you. It’s the middle of the work week and your boss just sent you a passive aggressive email about

Music for your high

It’s summer time, and at the top of every sun lover’s to-do list is putting together a good playlist; a soundtrack for the season. This

Zipps officially launches!

Zipps is open for business. Your favorite cannabis brands fast — really fast. Our main focus is speed, simplicity, and savings. Customers save the most

High activities in L.A.

Getting high in LA is an experience in and of itself, especially if you’re just visiting. While recreational weed is now legal in 19 states,

Product Spotlight: JMJ’s

Coming very soon to the Zipps delivery menu are Jam Master Jays; a pre-roll 4-pack in a cassette tape. This brand's story is one of

Microdosing THC benefits

To help answer the question of why to microdose cannabis edibles we created a microdosing benefits guide that will walk you through what all the

Reducing work anxiety

These four steps are easily applicable for most people. You’ll likely be able to come up with your perfect ritual for reducing work anxiety.

8 Ways to grind your weed

We’ve all been there at least once…You left your grinder at a friend’s place or lost it when you were stoned the other day. Now,

10 Best stoner movies

From the perfect playlist to a new episode of an instant classic like Euphoria, there’s plenty of sights and sounds to appreciate during an elevated